Curatorial Departments

Literature Jews have been an integral part of the literary life of the West for many centuries. The Museum will develop a library of works by American Jewish writers and hold lecture series on these authors... more

Media & Journalism This exhibition topic will extend the reach of fiction and poetry toward the layered realm of journalism. Thus exhibits will examine the role of American Jewish journalistic forces... more

Science & Medicine Jews have made vast contributions to the field of medicine. The world is indebted to Jewish doctors for an enormously meaningful and positive impact on modern medicine. more

Music The world of music, particular in the last hundred years and particularly in America, has been enriched by Jewish composers and performers in nearly every genre, from classical to jazz to folk to rock and roll... more

Politics & Government The growing involvement of Jews in the politics of the nation and world around them is a testament both to their talent and to the broadening appreciation of diverse leadership... more

Sports & Chess Based on the landmark 1991 installation at the B’nai B’rith Klutznick Museum, there will be a specially designed gallery with artifacts related to the accomplishments of Jewish sports figures... more